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The Go-To Guy Introduction

Welcome to The Go-To Guy, your trusted partner in finding the perfect Au Pair for your children in Potchefstroom!


We understand the importance of finding a reliable and caring caregiver who can provide personalised attention and support for your little ones. That's why we have created a convenient platform that connects families like yours with qualified Au Pairs who are eager to create meaningful connections and foster a nurturing environment.

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Your Name*

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In which Suburb do you stay? *

What is your home language? *

What languages do you require the Au Pair to speak? *

When do you require the services of an Au Pair? *

Is this a permanent or a temporary position? *

Schedule: Specify the working hours and days required, including any flexibility or additional hours needed

Please provide us with a brief description of your family, this is like an introduction of your family to the Au Pair and is aimed at aiding a perfect match with potential Au Pair's, include the children's ages, genders and any specific requirements and special needs

Describe the type of person you would like as an Au Pair and that you believe would be a perfect fit for your family

  • Mention any specific qualities or characteristics you are looking for in an Au Pair, such as responsibility, flexibility, or a nurturing nature.

  • Values and Expectations: Briefly outline your family's values and expectations regarding discipline, routines, and general behaviour.

Provide a detailed job description, here are some pointers that you could include:

  • Providing childcare and supervising children's activities.

  • Assisting with daily routines, such as preparing meals, bathing, and bedtime.

  • Engaging in educational and recreational activities with the children.

  • Helping with homework and tutoring.

  • Accompanying the children to school, extracurricular activities, and social outings.

  • If there are any additional household tasks or responsibilities you expect the Au Pair to handle beyond childcare, such as light housekeeping or pet care, include them in the job description.

  • Medical and Health-related Considerations: If any of your children have specific medical conditions or require special care, mention them in the job ad to ensure potential Au Pairs are comfortable and capable of providing the necessary support

Accommodation: If applicable, describe the living arrangements provided for the Au Pair, such as a private room or separate apartment, and mention any facilities they can access.

Education and qualifications required:

  • Specify any preferred qualifications or certifications, such as CPR or First Aid training.

  • Indicate the desired level of experience working with children or as an Au Pair.

  • Mention any specific skills that you require the Au Pair to have and the competency where applicable 

Is Drivers License Required

Is Own Vehicle Required for Transporting of Kids

Travel Expectations: If you require the Au Pair to travel with your family, whether it's for vacations or business trips, mention it here and provide details on how the travel arrangements will be handled.

Remuneration and Benefits

What salary and benefit expectations do you offer?

General Information

Any additional information you would like to add?

Thank you for your submission - The Go-To Guy team will be in touch 

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