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Au Pair Registration

Free Service to Community

The Go-To Guy Introduction

Welcome to The Go-To Au Pair registration. note that the service is free and there are no fees.

It is very important that you complete the below form as detailed as possible note that all fields marked with an asterisk * is mandatory, and you must complete these fields for the form to submit successfully, and for us to capture your details on our system.

It is important that you complete the form as correct as possible, there are no right or wrong answers here, the questions are to ensure that we match you with a household according to their needs and expectations.

Please note all fields with an asterisk* is mandatory 

Your Profile Picture *

First let us upload your picture, this should be a clear head and shoulders image similar to your ID photo if possible, it is mandatory that you capture this image, click on the "UPLOAD" button below, select your picture and upload.


Your CV

If you have a CV that you wish to upload you are welcome to upload this by clicking on the upload button below, this is not a mandatory requirement for registration.


Your detail

Your Name*

Your Mobile Number*

Your email address*

Are you a South African Citizen? *

If the above answer is no, do you have a valid  work permit

Your ID Number or Passport if non SA Citizen *

Do you have your ID book/Passport for verification purposes? *

What is your age? *

In which Suburb do you stay? *

Your gender? *

Do you have your own transport? *

Do you have a Drivers License for light motor vehicle? *

Tell us a bit about yourself

What is your home language? *

What other languages do you speak? *

Have you worked as a Au Pair at a family before? *

When will you be able to start if position becomes available? *

Are you available on full time or part time basis? *

Please provide more detail on your availability?

Tell us about you as a person, this is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the family

Tell us about your educational background

Do you have a first aid certificate? *

Do you have cooking experience? *

If you do have cooking experience, if you do please provide more info

Do you have tuition and homework assistance experience, if you do please provide more info? *

Please provide an overview of your general experience that you feel may be important for family to know

Remuneration and Benefits

What salary and benefit expectations do you have?

If there is a job that requires you to stay in on the premises, will you be willing to stay in? *

General Information

Any additional information you would like to add?

Thank you for your submission - The Go-To Guy team will be in touch and you will be registered on the database immediately

An error occurred. Please check that you have completed all relevant fields that you may have missed and then resubmit

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