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Abraham Kriel Children's Home

Abraham Kriel Children's Home

for Potchefstroom, from Potchefstroom









Kruis St, Potchefstroom Rural 2, Potchefstroom, 2520, South Africa

About Our Business

Selfless care to children of all ages and from all cultures and backgrounds. Abraham Kriel Children's Home - Potchefstroom: 65 years of selfless care Abraham Kriel's mission is to ensure the optimal development of traumatised children in need of care. With 230 children of all ages and from all cultures and backgrounds, the home prides itself on the sound financial management of funds, sponsors and donations. Besides the provision of housing, the home focuses on the empowerment of the children by equipping them with all the life skills needed. Our mission is to care for, develop, empower and reintegrate traumatised children and, where needed, their families, through appropriate care models and therapeutic programmes to enable them to function independently and contribute to society. The best way to invest in a country’s future, is to invest time and energy in its children and youth. We invite you to become part of the Abraham Kriel family – an anchor of hope.

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