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Alecia Steyn Optometrist

Alecia Steyn Optometrist

for Potchefstroom, from Potchefstroom









87 Dr James Moroka Ave, Potchefstroom, Tlokwe, 2531, South Africa

About Our Business

We strive towards providing exellence and affordablity in optical healthcare Alecia Steyn founded the brand Alecia Steyn Optometrist in the year 2002, with her first practice in Klerksdorp. In 2008, Alecia Steyn Optometrist expanded the brand with the addition of a new practice located in Potchefstroom. Alecia Steyn graduated from Rand Afrikaans University with a Bachelors Degree in Optometry and has since accumulated nearly 2 decades (19 years) of experience as an optometrist, maintaining a outstanding degree of service throughout her career. Our mission is to provide the highest standard of professional services at affordable prices, granting accessablility to all. We maintain a friendly environment for all of our patients and aim to provide the best optical healthcare experience to each and every patient.

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