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BabyGym Potchefstroom

BabyGym Potchefstroom

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Potchefstroom, South Africa

About Our Business

In 2004 Dr Melodie de Jager wrote her first book for babies titled BabyGym – brain and body gym for babies, and in 2005 she developed the book into a stimulation programme with the same name. It wasn’t long before the need for Instructor training arose and in that same year the first group of BabyGym Instructors were trained in Irene, Gauteng. The growing demand for the BabyGym classes showed the book and programme were turning into a sustainable endeavor and so in 2005 the BabyGym Institute was founded and the name trademarked. Over the years BabyGym has grown to reach more mothers and babies in more areas, and in different ways. Dr de Jager added more books to her list and developed the BabyGym programme to include: classes for expectant couples; classes for mothers, fathers and babies; milestone specific classes; nanny training; specialized sessions for babies with special needs; and most recently - Play Learn Grow (Birth to 3) workshops. Today, the BabyGym Institute is known as a research and training Institute - located in Linden, Johannesburg. Dr de Jager’s work and vision continue to reach mothers and babies through the hands of the 50+ qualified and licensed BabyGym Instructors who work across South Africa and Namibia. All BabyGym Instructor Training is presented by our knowledgeable and skilled Advanced Instructors: Cozette Laubser and Dr Lelani Brand-Labuschagne. Cozette joined the BabyGym Institute in 2007 and Lelani joined in 2013. Second to being Mom, being an Advanced BabyGym Instructor is the best job in the world!

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