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Dean's Decor

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13 Kleyn Street, Baillie Park, Potchefstroom, South Africa

About Our Business

Dean started Dean’s Décor at the beginning of 2005. He grew up in Johannesburg in a business environment and during his school years he grew to love art and architecture, which resulted in him wanting to become an architect. This all changed when he met up with CHRIST who became his personal Saviour. Dean has a tremendous love for God and a passion to serve Him. This brought him to Potchefstroom, where he got involved in a church, which he was involved with for 15 years. At this congregation he studied and achieved a bachelors degree of Theology. Dean has always had an eye for beauty and God spoke to him and encouraged him to start his own decor company. He studied an Advanced Management Diploma at the North West University, Potchefstroom campus, and it was during this year that he started his business. The business started with 3 leather couches, and a few cane chairs and tables, which has grown into a successful décor and furniture business. During 2006, Dean studied at the Dorothy Van’t Riet design and decor academy and successfully completed the course in Interior Decorating. This training has helped equip him better to help his clients. Because of his background Dean’s heart is not only to make people’s houses beautiful, but also to be a blessing to each individual client. He has been fortunate in helping many clients already making their homes beautiful. Dean has a shop situated in Potchefstroom at 13 Kleyn Street, where clients can come and look at the quality of furniture being sold. If necessary a consultation can be arranged at the venue, which needs to be decorated. Dean’s Décor has the expertise needed to make your interior project a success and their promise is to act professionally at all times, as well as providing the best service. We look forward to meeting and helping all around present and future clients.

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