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IT Certification Academy

IT Certification Academy

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Waterberry St, Van Der Hoff Park, Potchefstroom, South Africa

About Our Business

About IT Certification Academy (ITCA) Since 1999, ITCA has been a premier provider of IT training in South Africa, catering to the nation's burgeoning tech sector. With a strategic partnership with Moving Ahead Development Agency (MADA), we offer unparalleled training opportunities that bridge technical expertise with personal growth. Our courses meet both national and international standards, ensuring our students are equipped to excel. Our Courses - Networking Professional: This two-year certification immerses students in IT systems support and Microsoft technologies, providing foundational and advanced skills to configure, troubleshoot, and secure modern networks. - Networking Expert: CompTIA and Microsoft certifications empower professionals to manage cutting-edge networking technologies, including cloud platforms and security. - Cyber Security Professional/Expert: These courses nurture skills to tackle rising cyber threats, with hands-on training in proactive incident response and infrastructure defense. - Web Development Expert: Learn the programming languages like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and Python to design modern web applications, modeled after those used by top global companies. - Web Application Development Expert: Specialize in app development, mastering the industry’s most in-demand languages and creating versatile web applications. - Software Development Professional/Expert: Master the skills for high-demand roles in big data engineering and software development, with certifications including CompTIA's Server+, Security+, and PenTest+. - 3D Printing & Design: Harness rapid growth in the 3D printing market with practical skills that blend creativity and technical precision. - Soft Skills and Skills Development: Our courses enhance teamwork, leadership, and interpersonal skills crucial for professional growth. - Microsoft 365 Office Courses: From foundational Word 2019 to Excel and PowerPoint, gain essential productivity skills. - Azure: Explore machine learning and AI concepts with hands-on Microsoft Azure services. Accreditations & Partnerships We are recognized by national and international accreditation bodies, including Microsoft, CompTIA, CertNexus, and others, which strengthens our training standards and quality. Strategic Collaboration Our collaboration with Moving Ahead Development Agency (MADA) emphasizes our commitment to community empowerment through essential tech and soft skills training. Together, we are expanding our reach to deliver transformative education across South Africa. Our Vision Our vision is to nurture IT professionals who are passionate and equipped to lead in their industries, providing meaningful contributions to businesses and communities in the digital age.

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