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Laerskool President Pretorius

Laerskool President Pretorius

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40 Peter Mokaba St, Potchefstroom, 2520, South Africa

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Humble Beginnings Laerskool President Pretorius is the second oldest school in Potchefstroom. It was opened on the 13th of July in 1891 and had twenty students. It was originally known as ‘Meribaskool’ and the primary language used was Dutch. Rapid growth required the expansion of the school and a Mr W.J. Jooste donated a £1000.00 towards the expansion and building of the school. A plaque was placed upon completion of the build and the plaque still remains at the school to this day. It reads: “De W.J. Jooste Gift School Geopend op den 18 den Januari 1897” On the 10th of March 1909 the colonial secretary laid the cornerstones of two schools. The one would become M.L. Fick and the other would become President Pretorius as it is today. This cornerstone is on the north east side of the school alongside Maury Lane. President Pretorius Gets Its Name The former South African president’s name was immortalised when the North School was officially named Laërskool President Pretorius. The change of name was suggested by a teacher, S.G. Yssel. The school commission approved the suggestion on the 20th of October 1928 and from August 1929 the school was officially known as Laerskool President Pretorius after official ratification by the Department of Education.

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