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Potch Eiendomme

Potch Eiendomme

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1st Floor, Mareepark, 3 Maree Street, Central, Potchefstroom, 2531, South Africa

About Our Business

Since 1983, Potch Properties has provided services in the real estate sector, within Potchefstroom and its surrounding areas. OUR AIM To provide an outstanding level of service to our clients in making your property transaction an easy, seamless and pleasurable experience. We always let our clients feel content, while providing a full range of services in selling, renting or managing of residential, commercial and industrial properties. OUR WEBSITE – allows you to search property listings consisting of a large inventory of homes, small holdings, farms and undeveloped land which match your lifestyle choices. OUR CLIENTS - are the most important part of our business. OUR TEAM - is our most valuable asset and we work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect. We support each other to deliver exceptional customer care to achieve our personal and business goals. OUR BUSINESS - provides a one-stop service for all property related matters. It is built on seven strong principles and we have a shared vision to be the best in our profession both in terms of services and results. OUR VALUES - Integrity - Teamwork - Passion - Professionalism - Change - Caring - Productivity The agency consists of a sale, rental and property management division.

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