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Proper Inspect (Pty) Ltd

Proper Inspect (Pty) Ltd

for Potchefstroom, from Potchefstroom









Baillie Park, Potchefstroom, 2526, South Africa

About Our Business

Our Home Inspections comprise a visual inspection of the Property in order to identify material defects and to provide a professional opinion regarding the general condition of the Property at the time of the Inspection. Whether or not a defect should be regarded as significant, depends to a large extent upon the age and type of the building being inspected. Our inspections are thorough, encompassing every aspect of the property. The duration of an inspection varies based on the building's size and the extent of damage or poor workmanship found, typically taking anywhere between 2 to 4 hours to complete for a standard 3-bedroom house. Where appropriate and possible, a cost estimate is provided. Providing such an estimate only attempts to provide the Client with a rough indication of what could be expected to restore/repair/replace aspects and areas of the Property as indicated in the Report. Property Inspect inspection reports will assist clients in completing the mandatory disclosure form in terms of Section 67 of the Property Practitioner Act No 22 of 2019. Our advice is limited to the reporting of the condition of the Building Elements and Components in accordance with the National Building Regulations and SANS10400. We offer various types of property inspections, the most common being: Pre-Purchase and Pre-Listing Inspections. Proper Inspect aims to make every property we inspect, compliant, transparent, and safe to live in. We educate home buyers, sellers and owners about the various systems and building components of a property and about the importance of maintenance. We advise clients on defects relating to the property, thereby assisting them with making mindful decisions when buying or selling a property. Proper Inspect is committed to protecting buyers and sellers from unethical real estate practices. Before you buy your next property, let Proper Inspect do an Inspection. Proper Inspect will expose all relevant defects pertaining to the property, provide advice on what needs to be done to correct such defects including cost estimates., enabling you to make mindful decisions prior to signing an Offer to Purchase. At Proper Inspect, we understand the importance of a thorough home inspection when it comes to building, selling, buying, or investing in property. Many houses on the market conceal hidden defects that can go unnoticed without the expertise of a building professional. Often, individuals focus solely on the visible features and obvious repairs, unaware of potential underlying issues or damages.

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