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SeMoer Destination

SeMoer Destination

for Potchefstroom, from Potchefstroom









Plaas Rietvlei Potchefstroom, Potchefstroom, 2520, South Africa

About Our Business

Idyllic farm retreat – three words best used to describe SeMoer Destination. Nestled away in the quiet valley of Rysmierbult lies the farm magic of Semoer. The overall relaxed yet well heeled old farm is transformed into top class luxury accommodation with access to hectare upon hectare of undeveloped land and absolute privacy. This historic farm manor house can be exclusively yours; or you can choose to hire one of the small self-catering surrounding cottages. Either way you’re in for a big spoil. Semoer lends you the opportunity to reconnect. It offers an escape -close to you- to a place that is governed by the rhythms of your surroundings, rather than the clock and the calendar. You’ll be hard pressed to stop believing that you are on the edge of Gauteng Province and just 20 minutes from Potchefstroom. Best of all, you have silence. And stars in the inky sky at night.

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