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The Solar Cleaning Co

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Potchefstroom, South Africa

About Our Business

The Solar Cleaning Co Solar Panel Cleaning Specialists If you've ever wondered why should clean your solar panels, and how frequently, we will gladly help you answer those questions today! How often should your panels be cleaned? It is recommended to clean solar panels at least once annually. It has been shown that an annual cleaning may increase energy production levels by as much as 12% compared to panels that are only cleaned by rainwater. Increasing the frequency of panel cleanings ensures your investment is functioning optimally at all times! Benefits of Clean Panels 1. Improved Efficiency The longer a panel is in use, the more dust accumulates. Frequent accumulation of dust, debris and animal excrement creates a layer of dirt on the panel that cannot be removed by rain water. A clean panel ensures optimal efficiency of your panel when converting sunlight to electricity. 2. Extending the longevity of your panels Cleaning your panels regularly removes the buildup of micro dust in the grooves of your panels, thus ensuring your panels remain in top condition for maximum use. 3. Reduces long-term losses Regular cleaning and inspection of panels ensures that any damage or potential problems, such as hot spots or cracks, are identified in the early stages, thus protecting your solar system from further damages. When washing your panels we use only filtered and deionized 'soft' water to effectively clean your panels and leave them streak free. Call the professionals today and have your panels sparkling in no time!

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