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Mooirivier Beskerming Potch Big Backyard Ultra

Music Festival


Apr 20, 2024




N12, Potchefstroom, 2531, South Africa

Ticket Pricing:

Half PBBU: R180 (4 yards +1), Marathon PBBU: R280 (7 yards +1), Full PBBU: R400 (unlimited yards and includes race garment), Additional T-shirt: R200, PBBU Trucker Cap: R100

Ticket Site:

Contact Info:






Event Info:

A backyard ultra consists of a 6,7 km or 4,8-mile yard. This yard is run individually (this format is thus NOT a tag-team event – although one can run as “part of a team”). Each yard starts on exactly the hour, and you have one hour to complete the yard. If you complete the yard in less than an hour then you can use the remainder of the time to rest and eat…and go to the loo…and get coffee…or chat to a friend…or pat the local trail dog…or… However, once the hours is up the next yard starts, and those not in the designed area (called the corral) will be disqualified. This goes on and on….and on and on…..and on and…and on and on…and on and on…and on and…and on and on…and on and on…and on and…and on and on…and on and on…and on and…and on and on…and on and on…and on and…and on and on…and on and on…until!…..there is only one person left. This person is declared the winner by Knighthood (or Ladyhood) by the King, and is crowned the Ultimate, Most Bestest, and Greatest test, Champion, Unicorn-slayer, Ruler of all Yards and Demi-God of the Potch Big Backyard Ultra!!

The Yard has meticulously been measured, and re-measured by the Unicorn and it’s/his/her/their minion(s). It has an elevation gain of approximately 80m. The first section of the Yard is the steepest, and from there, it undulates. Choose your walking sections carefully!

THE Unicorn
The Unicorn is he. He is she, and she is they. The Unicorn is for us all. It is your best friend, and he is your worst foe! She will make you laugh, and they will make you cry. The Unicorn is the ultimate. The one who needs slaying. The one which holds the key to the start of every yard. He is the noise in your ears, the constant reminder of your ultimate demise. She is your celebration of success and icon of despair. It is the one who approves! They are: THE UNICORN!

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