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Enrolled Nurse - Contract

Experience Needed:

Required Experience: Knowledge: Meditech system, Knowledge: MS Excel, Knowledge: MS Word, Knowledge: National Health Act, Knowledge: Nursing Council Scope of Practice, Nursing experience within a hospital and/or laboratory environment, Phlebotomy experience in a laboratory environment


Requirements: Certificate: Nursing, SANC Registration in Relevant Register, Valid South African drivers licence (Code EB)

Duties Include:

Key Responsibilities: Maintain good client relations promote the image of Ampath, Manage money/cash flow of depot to facilitate collection of payments for phlebotomy services rendered, Perform administrative tasks to ensure correct recording and processing of information, Perform nursing procedures in order to ensure sufficient delivery of nursing services, Perform safety and quality control tasks to ensure that relevant standards are upheld

Additional Info:

Closing Date: 2024/05/10

Starting Date:

May 20, 2024

Date Created:

May 7, 2024

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