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Rolling and Bending Machine Operator - Semiskilled

Experience Needed:

2-3 years working experience with the roll, bend and cutting machines. Qualifications Grade 12/N4 Engineering Qualifications or equivalent Draughting qualification an added advantage Residing around Potchefstroom is an added advantage.


Key skills required: knowledge of workshop practices knowledge of basic machine shop tools and measuring equipment basic knowledge of materials in a fabrication environment interpretation of drawings Ability to work overtime from time to time. High quality of work is carried out and ability to meet deadlines. Ability to perform under pressure. Team orientated: collaborative and cooperative. Attention to detail orientated: quality and precision focused.

Duties Include:

Job Description set-up, operate roll machine, bending machine and guillotine cutter machine. measure dimensions of sheet metal or material to be rolled/bend/cut and check for quality defects. interpret cutting, rolling and bending drawings to determine set-up specifications, work sequence and product dimensions. adjust machine and/or set-up according to drawing instructions. measure dimensions of completed products to verify conformance to specifications before sending them to the next fabrication process. conduct regular maintenance on the machinery and ensure proper functioning.

Additional Info:

Closing: 30 April 2024

Starting Date:

May 13, 2024

Date Created:

April 18, 2024

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