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Canteen & Catering Service Provider/Vendor

Experience Needed:

INTRODUCTION Eduvos is one of the most renowned institutes of private higher education in South Africa. With 12 campuses scattered across the country, we bring an array of accredited programmes to students who are looking to excel in their chosen fields and lives. BACKGROUND Eduvos wishes to appoint a suitable Service Provider to provide Canteen and Catering services to its staff and students at its Potchefstroom Campus. Eduvos intends to enter into a Service Level Agreement with a Service Provider who should provide the services required. The services rendered will be for the Service Provider’s account, taking responsibility for all risks including profit/loss, stock, and cash control (Eduvos operates within a cashless environment). INVITATION FOR PROPOSAL Proposals are hereby invited from suitably qualified service providers for the provision of Canteen and Catering services to the Eduvos Potchefstroom Campus. PROPOSAL SPESIFICATIONS This is an all-inclusive Canteen and Catering service providing basic meals (breakfast and lunch), non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, and other items (not limited to free issuance) daily to on-site personnel and students. All equipment is supplied by Eduvos excluding the Point of Sales system. The canteen services are required at Eduvos, 12 Esselen Street, The Bult, Potchefstroom. Please include a sample menu including costings.


MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS •Proof of public liability (Certified copy of Insurance Policy) •Minimum BBEEE Level 3 certification •Small business licence •SARS tax clearance certificate The tax clearance certificate (if submitted) must at least be valid up to and including the closing date of this proposal.

Duties Include:

The preferred Service Provider must: •Be prepared to cater for all dietary preferences with valid certification from respective bodies where applicable; •Ensure that the quality of food prepared adheres to acceptable food industry standards and is prepared cleanly and hygienically per all health and safety regulations; •Deliver the services within a reasonable time frame as agreed in the Service Level Agreement; •Provide a variety of menu items; •Appoint a Key Account Manager who will be responsible for the implementation and coordination of the agreement. Specific Terms and Conditions The Service Provider is required to: •Conduct business courteously and professionally. •Provide the necessary documentation as requested before the service contract is awarded. •The service provider will be responsible for keeping the kitchen and other food preparation/storing areas clean, neat, and hygienic. This includes the washing of all equipment. Walls in the kitchen area must be washed weekly and floors cleaned in the kitchen and serving area twice daily. •Comply with all relevant employment legislations and applicable bargaining council agreements, including UIF, PAYE, etc. Proof is to be submitted within 14 days of awarding the contract by the successful Service Provider. •Ensure that all personnel working under this contract are in good health and pose no risk to any personnel and students at Eduvos. •Comply with the Eduvos security and emergency policies, procedures, and regulations. •Ensure that all work performed, and all vehicles, plant and equipment brought onto or used on site will comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 85 of 1993 and any Regulations promulgated in terms of this Act and the standard instructions of Eduvos. Proof of annual OHS audit is to be provided. •Ensure that all personnel working under this contract are adequately trained before the commencement of the contract. •Provide all personnel working under this contract with uniforms, which state the name of the Service Provider and that can be identified from other Service Providers. •Provide all personnel working under this contract with adequate and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and clothing and to ensure these items are always worn. •All items served will be expected to be of good quality and appealing to staff and students with a variety of items and associated costs. Eduvos shall: •Conduct business courteously and professionally with the service provider. •Not accept responsibility for any damages suffered by the Service Provider or their personnel for the duration of the contract. •Not accept any responsibility for accounts/expenses incurred by the Service Provider that were not agreed upon by the contracting parties. •Provide a fully fitted kitchen, except for a Point of Sales (POS) system. •Provide pest control for the canteen. •Not pay any management fee to the awarded service provider. •Not charge any facilities/property rental fee to the awarded service provider. The canteen and catering services should offer the following: •Provide a ‘Meal-of-the-day’ at a competitive rate. •A small menu, varied regularly, consisting of stylish light lunches, reasonably priced (This will also be utilised for onsite conferences & events) Catering for meetings & events will be for the cost of Eduvos, and an official purchase order will be issued for each such event. •The service provider will be a preferred supplier to Eduvos. Eduvos, however, reserves the right to obtain quotations from other catering establishments if quoted prices are deemed not to be market-related. •Halaal, vegan and vegetarian alternatives should always be available on the menu. •Quality and variety of hot and cold beverages •Convenience food available during the whole day •Operating hours 7h30 till 16h00 •Special ad hoc services which may be required from time to time. •Responsible for payment of electricity and gas for the equipment. •Responsible for the maintenance of the Canteen and all parts thereof. •Eduvos operates within a cashless environment, the vendor will therefore be required to have the necessary payment facilities available to accommodate electronic payments only. •The vendor should have a pre-paid facility available for students to pay in advance to have credit available to purchase food items using their student card/number. They should thus have a system in place to manage and track payments and purchases on these pre-paid accounts. •Ensure that they are always in possession of valid licenses and/or permits required by law in operating a canteen.

Additional Info:

Proposals can be mailed to by no later than 31 May 2024. A panel will review the proposal and shortlist the candidates by 14 June 2024. The shortlisted candidates will be informed by 21 June 2024 and will be invited to a panel interview between 1 – 3 July 2024.

Starting Date:

August 1, 2024

Date Created:

April 12, 2024

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