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Electronic/Mechatronic Engineer

Experience Needed:

• Experience in electronic system design. • Experience in PLC programming. • Extensive knowledge of instrumentation. • In-depth knowledge of circuit design and modeling of analogue & digital electronic systems


Minimum: B.Eng. / B.Tech Degree in Electronic/Mechatronic engineering. • Good report writing and communication skills. • Problem solving and analytical skills. • Research ,problem solving and troubleshooting skills.

Duties Include:

Additional Info:

Ensuring that projects are scoped, started and executed in compliance with the Organisation’s requirements. • Specification generation, procurement and sourcing support. • Monitoring of machine operational performance . • Systems and process improvement initiatives. • Continuous improvement drives. • Design aspects. • Asset lifecycle improvements. • R&D.

Starting Date:

April 15, 2024

Date Created:

March 30, 2024

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