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Nepomuceno Logistics




Fleet analyst POT

Experience Needed:

Reside in Potchefstroom Intermediate excel.


- Demonstrate personal and professional behavior compatible with the function Profile Features

Duties Include:

Additional Info:

- Ensure compliance of operational resources (drivers, vehicles and equipment) - Operational activities related to fleet management and documents (preventive and corrective maintenance routine; blitz; consumption of fuel; cost management; quotes; crawls; inventory and maintenance of stock of parts, tires; fine control, documentation of drivers, vehicles and/or equipment, etc.) - Support in operational activities related to the workshop routine (mechanical, electrical, tire repair services) - Achieving the operational performance indicators of the unit - Compliance with legislation and maintenance of safe working conditions for freight forwarders/drivers/forklift operators - Customer relationship - Relationship with transport providers compatible with the needs of the company and its client - Perform related activities, meeting requests from superiors - Strictly comply with all procedures, standards and specifications of the company and the client - Correctly use uniforms and protective equipment provided by the company - Commit to the operational goals defined together with the client, DPO/VPO and Excellence Program

Starting Date:

April 15, 2024

Date Created:

April 3, 2024

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