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Technician: Utility Metering and Energy Management N000421

Experience Needed:

Minimum requirements · A post-matric qualification (NQF 7) in Electricity or System Integration. · A minimum of 5 years’ experience in Project Management (Construction or Electrical projects). · A minimum of 5 years’ technical experience related to field of energy (electrical and water) consumption. · A minimum of 5 years’ experience system data integration, meter data collection, processing the data, verifying data integrity, and storing the data bases. · A minimum of 5 years’ experience in reporting on energy consumption via energy measuring systems.


KEY FUNCTIONAL/ TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES: · Extensive knowledge in Energy consumption and metering. · Computer skill to use Energy measuring, reporting and control systems. · Computer Literacy: SQL databases, Energy measurement systems, MS suites to enable reporting on usage. · Ability to compile, budgets, measure actual expenditure and report. KEY BEHAVIOURAL COMPETENCIES: · Enthusiastic team player with positive social & interpersonal skills. · Communicate with internal and external stake holders. · Able to operate with minimum supervision. · Control-orientated person.

Duties Include:

Additional Info:

Job description KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Energy Metering and control to ensure Energy Efficiency · Ensure all facilities are metered to enable them to operate energy efficiently. · Partake in all projects to enable the energy designs are effective and efficient, include the required meters in the projects as well. · Expand on metering points and energy efficiency in all buildings. · Verify data is available for the control systems to functional as required. · Monitor all data from the energy meters are collected and stored in the NWU databases. Energy data and integrity · Verify data availability and integrity to allow for optimal use and reporting. · Data verification and evaluation on RCS reports for accurate meter readings on all three campuses. · Verification of usage against supplier accounts. · Weekly meetings and reports to monitor and ensure uptime for all metering and communications units on the three campuses. Monitoring and verification of energy usage · Monthly verification reports for accounts R100k and identified anomalies within 7 working days of receiving accounts. · Reporting about utility consumption and energy usage. Reporting enabling cost recoveries issued monthly as required. · Manage NWU Municipality electrical and water meters. · Flag redundant municipality points and manage the process of closing the accounts. Utility Accounts, Verifications and Budgets · Support Utility Accounts Admin. · Assist with account budget process. · Ensure recon and verification process is running smoothly · Compare accounts vs metering data for verification purposes monthly. · Compile verification reports on time with all payment sheets. · Liaise with stakeholders about chargeback enquiries, account queries and payments with the help of the Utility Administrator. · Assist with monthly feedback to relevant stakeholders about variances in utility consumption with the help of the Utility Administrator. · Budget for Energy consumption in usage and financial implication. · Reduce multiple municipal accounts where utilities can be supplied internally. Service Level Agreements · Manage service level agreement with service providers by means of formal monthly meetings and daily communication if required. · Manage SLA in term sof meetings and service delivery. · Regularly provide input and support electrical consultants on teh projects. · Support all other functions and projects within the Engineering Compliance department. · Do standby afterhours if required.
REMUNERATION: The annual total remuneration package will be commensurate with the level of appointment as advertised and in line with the NWU policy guidelines. ENQUIRIES REGARDING JOB CONTENT MAY BE DIRECTED TO: Mr H Esterhuizen: 018 299 2746 ENQUIRIES REGARDING RECRUITMENT PROCESS MAY BE DIRECTED TO: Ms Akhona Maqungo: 018 299 2624 CLOSING DATE: 28 March 2024 PLANNED COMMENCEMENT OF DUTIES: As soon as possible

Starting Date:

April 15, 2024

Date Created:

March 18, 2024

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