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Quality Manager (N000362)

Experience Needed:

Masters degree (NQF level 9) or actively pursuing a master’s degree. A PhD will be an added advantage) Financial and or project management course or certificate is desirable. Membership with HELTASA/SAAIR is desirable. Three to five years teaching-Learning experience at Higher Education level is essential. Two years teaching-learning advisory experience at Higher Education level. One year research experience (including post grad supervision) at higher education level. One year online learning/multimodal/E-Learning experience at higher education level is essential. One year project management experience at higher education level. One year financial management and or financial planning experience is essential.


KEY FUNCTIONAL/ TECHNICAL COMPETENCIES: Professional staff development (Methodologies/Best Practices) (Advanced Knowledge) Higher Education - Function of -; Purpose of -; Legislative contexts, National and International contexts, including: DHET; SAQA, NQF, HEQSF, QCTO; Umalusi, Professional and Statutory Bodies; NRF; SETA’s; ETQA’s; University types; Qualification types; Knowledge Types. (Proficient Knowledge) Curriculum Design, Instructional Design, Teaching-Learning, Assessment and Research (Proficient Knowledge) Technology in Higher Education (Basic Knowledge) Education Impact Analysis (Basic Knowledge)

Duties Include:

Additional Info:

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Developing, managing, driving and maintaining all review processes linked to academic programme quality (APQ) (including SLP’s) by means of internal programme evaluations (IPE); external programme evaluations (EPE); national reviews (NR); mock reviews; professional/statutory body reviews (PBR), etc.) across all campuses and all modes of delivery. [This KPA results in comprehensive evaluation/ review reports that are accepted by all panel members] (Close collaboration with CTL, Q&APP, SI etc.) Managing, monitoring, researching and reporting on all findings with specific focus on “Improvement Plans” w.r.t. the closure of quality related gaps/deficiencies, as identified during evaluations/ reviews (e.g. IPE, EPE, NR, PBR, HEQC audits). (Close collaboration with CTL, Q&APP, SI, etc.) Risk Management all quality-related deficiencies within the context of the core business of the University & the financial context (Financial Management). Continuously capacitating (physical training and/or online) of all stakeholders (academics, academic leaders) regarding academic programme quality (Curriculum Design, Instructional Design, Teaching Learning, Assessment and all related fields of study and the comprehensive and systemic evaluation/ monitoring/ review/ measurement thereof). Overseeing and driving the continuous renewal/ updating of all Faculty quality manuals in support of academic programme quality as informed by Policy-, Rule – and other related changes. Actively participate as a member (or co-opted) of several committee structures as Quality Enhancement representative inter alia: Senate Com for Teaching Learning [SCTL]; Senate Com Language Planning & Advisory Services [SCLPAS]; Senate Com Foundation Education Provision [SCFEP]; Open Education Resources Com [OER]; Com for Academic Literacy & Academic Student Support [CALASS]. Occasionally as secundus also Higher Degrees Committee and Senate Com for Research & Innovation (SCRI). Research (Scholarly research related to the Quality phenomenon in Higher Education).
ENQUIRIES REGARDING JOB CONTENT MAY BE DIRECTED TO: Mr. Jannie Jacobsz on 018 299 4874 ENQUIRIES REGARDING RECRUITMENT PROCESS MAY BE DIRECTED TO: Ms. Moratuwa Motsemme on 018 299 4958 CLOSING DATE: 09 February 2024 PLANNED COMMENCEMENT OF DUTIES: 01 March 2024/ 01 April 2024 (or asap)

Starting Date:

March 1, 2024

Date Created:

January 26, 2024

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