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Platinum Gas




Retail Supervisor

Experience Needed:

Administrative: 3 years (Required)


BASICS: Customer Service Pastel Matric Drivers Licence

Duties Include:

KPI’S- KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS A. Sales, Gross Margin, Overheads B. Customer Debt Management C. Stock Management (incl. Work stock) & Supplier Management D. Administrative Efficiency & Cash Management E. Operational Efficiency & SHEQ F. Customer Service Excellence 1. SALES; GROSS MARGIN; OVERHEADS ❖ Defend and grow market share by developing strategies to handle existing business and new business. ❖ Plan, Lead organise & control the total branch functions ❖ Promote and manage service levels to customers to ensure customer satisfaction and positive business relationships. ❖ To effect cost savings, productivity improvements and improved efficiencies. ❖ Manage Degasity assets. 2. CUSTOMER DEBT MANAGEMENT ❖ Achieve monthly target stipulated on Branch Evaluation Sheet ❖ Communicate problem accounts & relevant issues timeously to respective managers & sales personnel. Effective management accounts must be circulated to all management concerned ❖ Manage accounts to ensure credit policy & terms are adhered to ❖ Ensure the collection and control of rentals from customer accounts. ❖ Customers Account over limit needs to be approved by Yolande. 3. STOCK MANAGEMENT (INCL. WORKSTOCK) SUPPLIER MANAGEMENT ❖ Gas stock counts both LPG and Industrial daily updated on the system – no variances to be uploaded without authorization by Rene. Discrepancies to be accounted for. Kept on file for auditing purposes in correct pack. LPG and all Industrial gasses to be counted in full on COB month end. ❖ Stock variances rapport to be kept updated, and submitted at month end. ❖ Welding stock requirements to be maintained in Support with Melissa on weekly basis – use of MIN/MAX rapport. Plan and make sure not to have demands and no stock available ❖ Welding counts done in accordance once a month 100% no variances updated without authority from Rene. Discrepancies accounted for. Kept on file for auditing purposes. ▪ Fast Movers/High Value stock to be checked throughout the month. Welding counts to be counted by the 25th of each month. ❖ Welding stock received must be checked accurately and to be packed away the same day, GRN the same day, Supplier invoices captured upon receipt of Supplier Invoice. Any discrepancies on stock received to be emailed to Melissa immediately. ❖ All received orders must be captured on a delivery note, for delivery. Surrounding customers must be phoned to arrange an economical full load in area. Communicate to Sales People for help in logistics. ❖ Stock journals between intercompany and normal stock journals to be sent to Rene to capture. 4. ADMINISTRATIVE EFFICIENCY & CASH MANAGEMENT ❖ Banking/Handovers to be done timeously on limit provided per Branch. Banking file o be kept on standard with proof of all credit cards. ❖ Petty cash must be submitted to Rene when limit is reached. On month end all expenses must be in. When there is out of the ordinary expenses there must be approval from manager first. Keep expenses to minimum and don’t exceed budget. ❖ Stock journals between intercompany and normal stock journals to be sent to Rene to capture. ❖ Manual books controlled and sequence register up to date, submitted by month end. ❖ Credit notes kept to the minimum – credit note register submitted at month end. ❖ Industrial cylinder rentals recon kept up to date and accurate invoicing every 25th of the month. ❖ AP Industrial recon kept up to date and must balance with rental invoice. Submit on month end. ❖ Customer Files – PO, Signed Delivery note and Invoice. ❖ Supplier Files – PO, Goods Receipt, POD, and Supplier Invoice. ❖ Keep the leave schedule up to date and submit with hours 25th of the month ❖ New employees’ contracts to be done by Manager make sure all relevant information is available. ❖ Keep the faulty, no charge registers up to date, submit at month end. ❖ Kept the PPE register up to date and ensure procedures are followed, signatures obtained and PPE register submitted at month end ❖ LPG stats submitted before 8 on Degasity Server. 5. OPERATIONAL EFFIECIENCY & SHEQ ❖ Distribution board must be updated timeously to plan delivery routes. ❖ Vehicle Checklist to be checked and signed off before Delivery vehicles leave our premises. Communicate with Louwtjie if any defects arise. ❖ Trip sheets issued to drivers for all documentation accurately, ensure trucks are not overloaded. 1 x Trip sheet per Vehicle/ Load ❖ Ensure driver checklists are signed by the driver. ❖ Logbooks must be kept up to date and filled. ❖ Fuel slips to be captured onto the system, and filed. Vehicle Consumption sheet to be kept on date. Branches with fleet cards to be following the procedure and make sure all slips balance with monthly fleet rapports. ❖ Liaise with the drivers on stock collections, keep collections on the board to ensure, it’s part of the planning. And drivers know what routes to follow. ❖ Overtime to be kept to minimum. Louwtjie to authorize on Overtime sheet and approval for overtime to be send to Supervisor. ❖ Safety first, ensure SHEQ file is updated, Alarm, first aid checklists up to date, report or action defects. ❖ Monthly SHEQ meeting to be held with all employees on site. ❖ Filling Plants: ▪ *Seals issued must be recorded and filed. ▪ *Filling declaration done upon received from stock controller. ▪ *Bulk Recons done timeously; Bulk Documentation accurate with Weighbridge doc. 6. CUSTOMER SERVICE EXCELLENCE ❖ Telephone reception done in a good manner and professionally. ❖ Don’t make promises you cannot keep. ❖ Keep Customers informed on deliveries and communicate back when questions are asked that you need to follow up. ❖ Maintain good housekeeping in offices, stores, kitchens, bathrooms, filling operation sites, storage yard, parking lots. ❖ Respond to emails immediately and professionally. ❖ Do today’s work today.

Additional Info:

Application Deadline: 2024/04/12 Expected Start Date: 2024/06/03

Starting Date:

June 3, 2024

Date Created:

April 8, 2024

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