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Sales Representative

Experience Needed:

None specified



Duties Include:

Duties & Responsibilities Identify and research potential clients. Develop and maintain client relationships. Coordinate with sales teams to develop mutually beneficial proposals. Negotiate contract terms with clients and communicate with stakeholders. Monitor project teams to ensure contracts are executed as agreed. Gather useful information from customer and competitor data. Make and give presentations to prospective clients and internal executives. Create and implement processes and policies to support the overall business. Track, identify and add qualified prospects to sales pipeline. Develop and manage strategic partnerships to grow business. Track and report on the status of proposal components. Conduct ongoing market research. Work with the pricing department to create rate proposals. Drive the end-to-end sales process. Prepare and submit sales contracts. In store promotions.

Additional Info:

Starting Date:

May 27, 2024

Date Created:

May 9, 2024

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