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Fleet Supervisor

Experience Needed:

Experience: Fleet Supervision: 5 years (Required)


Requirements: Matric Must be knowledgeable with Microsoft Office Technical knowledge of the equipment used by the unit (trucks, light vehicles and/or forklift). Extensive courses in the area of ​​maintenance (desirable).

Duties Include:

Additional Info:

Full job description Coordination, supervision, analysis and/or execution (according to position) of administrative, financial and operational activities with the following attributions/demands (common to Urban Distribution, Logistic Support, Pushed and Pulled): Must have experience in heavy goods vehicles Manage all activities related to the management of vehicles and equipment in the unit Ensure compliance of operational resources (drivers, vehicles and equipment) Ensure the availability, maintenance (preventive and corrective) and conservation of the company's vehicles/equipment Manage revenues and costs related to fleet and document management Develop and guarantee maintenance suppliers compatible with the needs of the company and its customer Monitor behavioural and technical indicators of maintenance and drivability of vehicles and equipment Customer relationship Ensure the motivation, training and development of the fleet team Compliance with legislation and maintenance of safe working conditions for forklift drivers/operators Perform People & Management routines, according to the People Cycle, Training and Development, Engagement, Safety, among others processes Ensure the conservation of the company's assets (vehicles, equipment, resources and facilities) Strictly comply with all company and customer procedures, standards and specifications Correctly use uniforms and protective equipment provided by the company Commit to operational goals defined together with the customer, DPO/VPO and Excellence Program Demonstrate personal and professional behavior compatible with the role Perform related activities, meeting requests from superiors

Starting Date:

April 15, 2024

Date Created:

April 2, 2024

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