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SAB Potchefstroom Depot




Warehouse Supervisor

Experience Needed:

3 year relevant diploma/degree 2+ years Warehouse and or logistics experience Highly level computer user (MS Office, Oasis, Handheld devices) SAP proficient Good interpersonal skills / builds good relationships Superior planning ability


Ability to work under pressure Good verbal and communication skills Good self-management practices Strong achievement orientation Ability to adapt to and implement change effectively Excellent coaching capability

Duties Include:

Key roles and responsibilities: Inventory Counts Physically perform and lead the morning inventory count process. Identify the root cause of inventory count variances and put action plans in place through problem solving tools to improve the Inventory Accuracy KPI Reduce Supply Chain Overheads through the utilization of problem solving tools. Create and manage warehouse management tools to ensure FEFO. Track and trend Inventory Accuracy. Ensure movement of materials reflects in the SAP system at all times Layout Implementation Ensure adherence to the layout in line of certain warehouse activities e.g. Empties zone; Refusal zone; Order Picking zone; Repack zone; Finished Goods zone Improve Quality Standards Manage, track and trend 1. warehouse cleanliness, 2. pest control schedule adherence, 3. cross contamination from non-food grade chemicals, 4. daily temperature control and 5. product exposure Ensure 75% Compliance to the Global Warehouse GOP Implement and adhere to a Location-Based Inventory System to identify stored product Ensure adherence to blocking standards on non conforming inventory Product quality induction programme conducted Track, trend and manage repacking operation to conform to quality standards and to improve repacking productivity Picking Standards Adhere to a standardized picking process and ensure compliance through management routines to ensure a safe and productive process Track, trend and manage picking accuracy and productivity through management tools Productivity & Capacity Managed Ensure 75% Compliance to the Warehouse Labour Productivity GOP to improve the KPI Allocate and assign labour activities utilizing the SKAP tool Warehouse Management Implement, track, trend and improve 5S results Support the design of the management cycle e.g. Business Descriptions, SLA's, Process Maps, Indicators and ensure understanding by all warehouse employees Develop and continuously validate SOP's through management routines and tools and ensure understanding by all warehouse employees (LnA) Team rooms managed and updated through routine meetings to solve problems and drive performance Develop and maintain SCL routines and track adherence thereof Use problem solving tools e.g. 5 WHY, Abnormality Reports, SIC, OPLs, RACI's, OWD's, PDCA's, etc. to develop action plans to show improvement on PI's and KPI's Cascade KPI's and PI's to individual warehouse employee level, calendarize the KPI/PI achievements and monitor individual target Safe Warehouse Practices Ensure & maintain a safe warehouse operation driving awareness and compliance to all the relevant safety blocks Loading and Unloading activities Track and measure the PI of the loading/unloading bay allocation tool with action plans to improve productivity Track, trend and manage related KPI's/PI's e.g. TCT, bay time utilization, Hl/man Hour

Additional Info:

Starting Date:

May 13, 2024

Date Created:

April 25, 2024

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